Scrum and Agile are becoming more utilised outside the ICT space. Historically it has been used mostly by IT however with the benefits becoming more known any and all different types of businesses are adapting this way of working. The Scrum way of working has been based of 5 values. These are commitmentcouragefocusopenness, and respect which of course are beneficial within every team environment. Scrum is being used to bring cross functional team members from different areas of the business to solve business problems. Because the Scrum way of working is so efficient and valuable any business problem can be solved with the support of Scrum.

If you have one or many business problems to solve utilising the Scrum way of working can help. By having the right skills in the Scrum Team the team can work together with the 5 values at the core and effectively solve any opportunity. Scrum helps break down barriers such as hierarchical concerns, communication breakdowns, role title and job fatigue.

Scrum encourages team members to speak up, think outside the box and learn new skills to support achieving the Scrum team’s goals.

What’s not to love about this way of working?