About Us

We Know What Works

Many moons ago on an island far far away in Aotearoa our founder and CEO discovered the wonderful world of Scrum. The corporate company she worked for at the time decided to undertake a company wide transformation and introduced the use of Agile and Scrum principles. 

The benefits of this new way of working were immediate and our founder wanted to get onboard as soon as possible. The principles of Scrum align with her preferred inclusive approach. Luckily our founder was asked to be a part of the companies first cross functional scrum team and before you knew it she took the honorary role of the Scrum Master for her team becoming Scrum Master Certified (What a legend!). 


What happened next?

She found a passion for helping her team and others become more engaged while using the Scrum and Agile principles. She went out of her way to develop interesting and different team retrospectives and as a result her teams became more engaged looking forward to each team retro. 

With her success she then shared these retrospectives with new and upcoming Scrum Masters in her business and supported other teams in adapting the Scrum ways of working which led to more successful and passionate teams and drove phycological safety. The goal is to help other Scrum Master’s and companies to do the same with their teams while making it easy for Scrum Masters.