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What is a Retrospective?

A retro is an important scrum event which allows you to check in with your team, understand any blockers, challenges and an opportunity to celebrate the success had over your sprint. 

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a highly effective framework that helps teams across any business. Much like a Rugby team you have a cross functional and cross skilled team looking to achieve the same goal/s. 

The Scrum framework encourages teams to learn through experiences, self-organize while working on a problem, work cross functionally, reflect on their successes and challenges and promotes trust, continuous improvement and collaboration.

Is Scrum only for Developers?

It is used frequently by developers however its principles and foundations can be applied to all kinds of businesses.

This is one of the reasons Scrum has become so popular and is being adapted by many businesses across the world. 

Why run a Retrospective/Retro with your team?

When working in Scrum you work in a fast past environment with constant deadlines. It is crucial to check in with your teams after your sprints to look back, look forward and reset as a team.

Can we create custom Retrospectives/Retro’s for you?

We LOVE creating new Retros so if you would like a custom Retro made for you specific to your teams life events or interests get in touch! 

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